Lets live some more!!

You think you are growing and life’s come to a descending order already? You think that you just can’t catch up with your ones upon a time dreams again? Did you accept the fact that you just can’t be that kid again? That thought if getting yourself a unique identification has faded? Do you think that your growing age is taking you towards to lonelier times with yourself and stealing your right to be that carefree persona you once were?

Well, lets think again than! Thats what you need now if you are deteriorating with  those growing numbers being added to your age figure. I seriously think you need a cold shower, a harsh splash of chilled water on your face and a loud music and a must read of this blog carefully. 

Lets get started with your that dre
am that you so very much wanted to fulfill long back,bit you just have to leave it alone, reasons only you know. After all these years,you have the time, money and source to do it, but you just can’t take the step forward, why? Because you are so afraid, of maybe, what world may think about it! Ok, so I am a little right here! Let the workd think damn right now! Step your foot down, and take that first step to achieve your dreams, soon the world will watch you as an example, not with an unknown nobody. 
If age us stopping you to catch up what you left incomplete, let us all recall that saying which saud, age is just a number! Well, I think you have enough number to strengthen you to catch up, rather than being left completing those numbers to God knows till which count at a vacuum, not knowing where it may stop.

Now, comes those milestones which you already achieved, but it. Would have taken you somewhere better if you have worked more towards that direction. You know very well which sense I am talking about. Lets take that step and give your talent the name it needed,let the world know it was you whi did such an amazing thing,but never had the source to show it off. Belive me, social media nowadays is the perfect source of getting your hidden talent known worldwide. Well, lets hope for the new posts that could make wonders now.

Now, comes those, who always propritised their loved ones achievements and dreams and hence, never gave a thought for themselves. Now, after years, when you see them climbing those ladders of success and fame, you find yourself so lonely, so small and so lost! Well, it’s not over buddy! Give yourself sone time, think what you can achieve still, which of course you can.  Make a decision, determine yourself, and go!!! I am sure you are going to find a way towards your dreams and that too pretty soon. After all, aspirations and goals are the things that keeps us going, without any goal, we are just as neutral as a dead body. So,dream today, set a goal and head on to achieve the same with all your might.
Now, the last ones, those which were so busy living their busiest lives the way they wanted, they left themselves behind, ingat those crowd of faces that they forgot what they actually are. They forgot to enjoy those tiny moments of life that would now had been the loveliest memories they would have cherished! Well, hang on! Sit a bit! Take a deep breath and imagine yourself as a child once again. Watch some cartoon shows, enjoy those nonsense, lets forget reality for a while. Call those friends, no matter if you havemt contacted them since ages and they would consider you as mean, you can always explain. If not those,make new ones. Plan an outing, a holiday,  your work can wait. Let it wait! Bring that sweet smile and that musical laughter once again, pam per yourself and enjoy your life hence forth.

Phew!! There’s a lot to do! But, the reason behind the whole post is, to get to know that you are still alive. You have a life which can still beautify and improve. No matter if you have everything today, but if you don’t have happiness and satisfaction, your life is missing the asset it needs. And especially for those who think time have passed and their age doesnt permit them to do so, always remember, it’s never too late to grab what is yours! And your dreams, were always yours, no matter what the circumstances have been. 

I just wish, my this post would bring anyone the motivation and happiness they so much need in their life. If so, kindly let me know. If not, I just hope, you enjoyed reading my thoughts on positivity!!

Book review- Bhrigu Mahesh PhD The Return Of Dayamanti by Nisha Singh.

New week, new book and here’s the most anticipated review! I just finished reading a new thriller, mystery novel in fiction category by Nisha Singh, the famous author of the book, The witch of Senduwar. It’s the second book of this series featuring the inimitable detective namely, Bhrigu Mahesh, PhD,  in the book The Return Of Dayamanti! 

I must say, this novel thought me varios sides of indian culture and tradition that I myself wasn’t aware of. The author here, brilliantly and in so much detail describes the Indian culture profoundly well amidst the interesting twists and turns of the mystery. The book leads you to the introductory part of the mystery in the starting, while giving you ample time and idea to derive your idea about the mystery the best way. And you also get a sneak peak in the ancient historic practises of indians in this part.

While you proceed in the second part, the mystery, which is still unsolved, takes a shocking turn and goes on from being a thriller to a mysterious murder case! As the various clues and evidences get unveiled, you feel so much at the loose ends about your guessing about the whole mystery. The writer so very well, brings about the most unexpected turns in as the mystery proceeds.

Till you proceed the third part, you are at your curiosity’s end to find out the culprit, and unexpectedly so, you find out, but in the most weird way! And the connections those minute incidences in the story had till the end and how brilliantly were those threads connected is just amazing! 

I am still very much awwed and amazed with the character of Bhrigu Mahesh, he is certainly a psychological genius and an impressive detective. The fabulous way in which he observes the smallest of the details and keeps them in his mind, and later connects his observations with the results will leave you astounded. 

Summed up, this novel has it all! The spice of a mystery, the grip of a thriller, a detailed yet an impressive expression of indian psychology and some even unexplored indian history with a little sarcasm about our very prejudiced and ancient mentality along with a hint of sarcasm about our beliefs. All these are so very brilliantly bounded up in a very admirable way with just the proper words needed for the same. 

Apart from some of spelling mistakes, and a little irreverent details in the starting, I didn’t find any dull minute or paragraph in the entire book. If you love fiction and are a fan of mystery novels and like to challenge your theories now and then, I think you should check up this book and also the series of Bhrigu Mahesh for some fresh and challenging time reading.

At the end of each book, I always sort out some sentences or words that do inspire me and leave a mark on my memory, here are some from this book too.

“Simple is any person who is in the outside as he is inside. He can be a factory worker or a great thinker, if he is true to himself, he is a simple man and in the least ordinary.”
“Well, I could have used  psychology, but it feels so wrong! They have made the word sound as if we are moving in to the world of blurry images, indistinct landscapes, hocus pocus and a lot of  mumbo jumbo that has neither head nor tail. The world of psychology has evolved more as a science equivalent to tantra mantra and I hate to acknowledge what they have done to it.”
You can get the book in paperback and also in e-book from online stores.

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Crystal clean skin without salon is not a myth!

We all love looking glowing and beautiful. The dream of viewing one’s reflection glowing back in mirror is just so common. But visiting a salon for the same every now and then is so much time consuming and not to forget those bucks to shell for it!

Today, let’s peep in to our kitchen cabinets and grocery stock ups to get those stuffs which can actually helo you get a beautiful, healthy and stunning skin with little effort and time.

  • Fruits and vegetables for healthy, clear skin:.                                                             Do you know our skin gets the best treatment with fruits and vegetables? The best way to get your skin glowing is to take a piece of any of these fruits like banana, papaya, strawberry, blueberries, peach, kiwi, sweetlime, orange or vegetables like cucumber, potato, tomato and pumpkin, rub it on your face and neck thoroughly for about five minutes and to wash with a cold splash. This exfoliates your skin the best way giving it the nutrition and moisture it needs while cutting off the excess oil on your  face. Thus, it’s suitable for all skin types. (You can also follow the same step for any part of your body which turns dry or patchy).
  • Honey with lime:.                                         Two teaspoons of honey along with few drops of lemon can bring a natural glow to your skin when you rub it on your face massaging it thoroughly. You can wash after leaving it on your face for about yen minutes. This brings a healthy shine on your face like never before.
  • Gram flour:.                                                Gram flour when mixed with a little milk or rose water or plain water and applied like a face mask pack on your face for just ten minutes can leave your skin clear, glowing and fairer. It’s really beneficial for the treatment of ance too. 
  • Green tea                                            Green tea is a natural cleanser. Just make a paste of grinded green tea along with a little water and clean your skin with it. The results are really stunning and lasting too.

These ingredients ensure fruitful results when used regularly and what’s more? They don’t even have any side effects after applying. So, why not give these a try and enjoy beautiful skin at home, easily 

Book review- Second Chance(fiction) by Dr. Sandeep Jatwa!

If you were given a second chance how would you change things…

Book , fiction.

The tagline says it all, but couldn’t do justice to the exquisite matter in the book second chance, a great inspiring  fiction written by Dr. Sandeep Jatwa! A doctor by profession, born in the Holy city of Ujjain, grew up in Dewas, madhya pradesh, india, he is a gem under shells I must say.

By reading this book, I just couldn’t believe it’s just his second book in his writing career. Second  chance is an inspiring story of an arrogant bussiness man, Shekhar and his journey towards getting his punishments of his wrong doings then leading him to change for better when he gets the second chance.

Inspiring and astonishing, the story unfolds certain facts of Shekhar’s life which we can all relate to some how or another. While you flip through the pages of this exciting journey, you won’t find a single moment of dullness in it. Each detail emphasized, each matter explained, each event in the life of Shekhar has been explained brilliantly in the later part of his life.

The scenario descripted of hell would give you goosebumps as you read it. I actually did feel that eeriness when I went through those details of hell and punishments of his deeds, the writing power is that effective! I must say the creativity with which the writer later connect each coming incident with those already passed off is simply awesome. 

I personally am impressed with all the perfect elaborations and those exciting twists and turns the story takes as it moves forward. The suspense, the inspiration and the narration is done the best way by Dr. Sandeep Jatwa. 

Some lines and incident from the novel really inspired me, when shekhar says, he got blessing by just giving 500 rs as charity, which he never got before even after spending lakhs at bars. The funding lines, no money can give you contentment and happiness. Do what your heart wants and what you will get would be priceless!

After reading the whole book, I would say, I evolved as a different persona all together, a better one, as if even I got a second chance in my life. Do read it, may be even you can rectify your mistakes before its too late!

You can buy this book at Amazon in ebooks or paperbacks too here Or drop in your comments to Dr. Sandeep Jatwa here

Everyday of being mommy!

Getting up with the rising sun but feeling still sleepy! Going on, starting those chores. Doesn’t feel like smiling, but still I do when i wake up ny little one for school. Rushing and running within fifteen minutes of getting up so that the kid isn’t late to school. Doesn’t feel like cooking, bit still I do, make a meal, a healthier one, for my little one. 

Pheww!! The child’s gone! Oh my God!! Husband needs to be woken up. Rush,rush rush!! Wake him up, prepare a good breakfast, pack the tiffin and pheww! Even he’s gone. 

Let’s heave a sigh of relief! Oh Gosh! Baby is tossing, Oh my God! nooo, not now! But this one didn’t hear that. Why? Because he’s already crying on top of his voice. Run, run, run! Get him a feed. Oh God! He’s still screaming, let atleast the milk heat itself a little. Yeah, finally. He’s happy with the feed, gives me a smile and wait, ohh, finished it already and is already on an another mission. 

Don’t tell me! How can he load his diaper when I haven’t even had a proper five minutes in bathroom? But who cares? ,He needs immediate attention or else, you know, your hears are going to be banged with loads to clean too. Noo! Not that mess, let’s get over this. 

Ok, bathed and dressed, we seem to be happy playing with those blocks. Let’s get the cleaning  done. Glad, bedroom looks fantastic, let’s get to kitchen and have some food. Feels good to have something finally after being running around the house for two hours consecutively. Ok, so little one enters here too toddling slowly and giving cute smile. Let’s share the meal! 

Half of the meal in clothes and hopefully half in tummy, get him cleaned again, let’s head to the bedroom. Blink blink! Am I dreaming? Thought so there was a bed of mine behind those heap of topsy turvy things out there! The very perfectly managed room was all trashed and messed. I get a cute smile back when I stare at the culprit standing with me.

Four hours past! Hush! Baby’s asleep, lunch is cooked. I am full, let’s take a nap. Haww!! Feels great lying down and my eyelids are already dropping. Ding ting ding! Doorbell rings. Ok, the elder one’s home! “Hey, welcome back”, although feeling extremely sleepy, the glad fresh smile is genuine. 

Well, sleep is a forgotten story, time to be a tutor after refreshing and fulling up the tummy of this big guy. Not to forget, the junior is around the corner on a mission against studies, tutor and especially on those pages of the books. Sigh! Two hours, literature and mathematics done, with hushing the little one away from the colourful books and stopping him from snatching those pencils.

Cooking time is the toughest! Both of them seem to be having all sorts of nature calls, fights and urgent needs at the same time. Doreamon acts like an angel at that time. Well, as fast as I can, cooking task gets completed. When mr. Daddy comes, I get a partner in dealing with the hoolygons, a little tired one though!

After dinner house looks like a whole cyclone has passes through it. Getting them in bed, a task to be completed any how immediately because I want to read something today, let’s see if I get some time and energy for it. Afer all those alleged calls from lions, bears and ugly old lady, they are finally snoring.

Oh my, my! I just couldn’t describe the bliss I feel when I see both of them fast asleep! And when I glanced at their dad, I know he feels the same. Too tired even to move, I yawned, showered and was ready to just drop dead, reading, can wait! Thank God, tomorrow’s a sunday. But I’ll have to wake up early tomorrow too, because the little one needs attention at 7a.m. in the morning.  But that can be compensated as I have their dad to share the load.

With drooping eyes, I got a bomb to hear, “let’s go for a picnic tomorrow!” Eyes opened wide I repeated, “picnic tomorrow?” And the cassette started playing, getting the two excited kids ready, preparing all the snacks and drinks, managing the two fidgeting souls trying to drag almost everything they get their hands on, and not to forget the travel sickness to go with it. Ok, so let’s drop the plan, it’s going to be a huge flop!

But then, I glanced at those sleeping little ones and imagined all the glory they are going to feel and the exploring they are going to do, I smiled. said ,”yes, let’s go for a picnic tomorrow!” I know I would be dead tired when I’ll be back, would regret each second when they’ll drive me nuts, would end up being more crazy, but it’s ok, I’ll be glad! Feel the most pleasure ful seeing my kids happy. Well, that’s being a mommy, that’s motherhood!!

Some misconceptions about Ramadan and the reality!

Ramadan, One Of the beautiful names of Allah, the Almighty! It’s also one of the twelve months in the Islamic calendar or Muslims worldwide since 1400 years. 

While most of the people around the world know about this very sacred month in Islamic religion, very few are actually aware of the message behind this month of fasting and worshipping. Most of the muslims and non muslims assume this month to be that of fasting and it being the only month the muslims should worship which actually is quite a big misconception in itself. Here, I have tried to point out some of those misconceptions about Ramadan and it’s sacred meaning and beholding in Islamic religion.

Very firstly, the name people often refer to this month is Ramazan, which actually beholds no meaning to it. It’s precisely known and pronounced as Ramadan. It’s called as the month of the almighty as all that worshipping that’s done in this month, is being rewarded by the Almighty himself.  It starts with sighting the moon on the last evening of sha’ban and ends when we sight another moon for the month of Shawwal after 29 or 30 days of consecutive fasting. 

While most people think it’s the month when muslims eat and feast loads, in reality it’s the month of giving up those feastings and exotic food and only concentrating on worshipping the Almighty more than we actually worship on other days. The reason or concept behind those fasts is going without food and water from before the sunrise till sunset so that you get a control on your nafs or your inner self that arouses you to do certain things that should be otherwise avoided and you get a better capacity to worship your Lord. It also makes people realise the feeling through which each of their fellow humans go through who couldn’t afford the basic food for daily life while they enjoy those delicious meals. It helps in softening our hearts towards those underprivileged fellow humans and thus motivates us to help them or atleast don’t waste the food we have.

It’s a common misconception that muslims pray only during the month of Ramadan . Which actually is absolutely wrong. The prayers ot offerings to be done by a muslim is the same throughout the year except those very  few tasks that are to be performed only in a specific period of time. For example a muslim can perform Haj only during the starting days of Zil Haj, or the fasts of the entire month of Ramadan, that’s a compulsion for every healthy, adult muslim. But due to the devil being caged during this month and the rewards being increased of all the offerings you do, muslims are asked to worship more so that they can get closer to thier Lord with all these worshipping.

Some also presume that muslims offer Zakat or charity only in this month. It actually it’s an annual offering of 2.5% of the total wealth that’s above the nisab value, it being more than what’s permitted in Islam as your basic usage of wealth. It’s a way through which you purify your surplus existing wealth by donating them to the needy and it’s a compulsion for each able muslim. It can be given in any muslim month as soon as your year ends or is about to end, but Ramadan is preffered for it because as I said above, the reward of your each good deed gets doubled in this month and zakat is counted to be a noble deed too.

These are some of the common misconceptions I have been asked about Ramadan which I tried to clear. There may be more as there are for any other religion or sacred months too. Do let me know in the comment box below. I’ll try my best to clear those but just to be precise, Ramadan is a holy month which holds a special position is each muslims life, where in people lovingly fast for around 18/19 hours (or more of less too depending on the sunsets and sunrise) and are NOT FORCED by anyone for doing so.  The message of love, helping, charity and doing good deeds given in this month is actually to be carried out even during the other eleven months. Thus, making our whole year and  gradually whole life beautiful!

When I explore happiness!

Happiness is so unpredictable! Sometimes when you have everything, you want to be happy and contented, but a hollow feeling inside you never lets this happen. While, amidst a crises, when everything’s so very wrong, a sudden glow of happiness engulfs you from nowhere. But, whatever so, being happy is just a heavenly feeling! Its always so refreshing and makes you love your life and everything in it all the more.

Just like each individual is different, each of us have different reasons that make us happy at different circumstances. For some, its even the small moments that leads to heaps of laughter, while for some, a tremendous comedy movie seems not enough even for a smile.

Being a carefree individual, loving my life the way I do, I get happy quite easily! Almost everything around me seem to make me happy by just being around me. I like my world being filled with variety of God’s and humans creations, hence, appreciate everything and feel happy that they do exist in my world and I am able to see them, cherish them.

But, when I am on my extreme gloomy mood, when nothing seems to be having the jolly meaning it once carried, getting happier is a task! Then, I guess a sudden change in the environment, some fresh and cool freeze blowing around me soothes me very much. I feel happy by hearing some good bollywood music. Be it my all time favourite 90’s songs, or soft musical 2000 era hits, it really does the wonder. I really feel immense joy when ever I visit a library or a book store. Being so passionate about books, everything about them makes me super happy and excited.

A hardchore foodie as I am, even the sight of good food, especially desserts is enough to bring a wave of happiness inside me. I feel the most glad when I see my husband and babies content and happy. Even just knowing that they are safe and sound and are smiling, makes me feel the most happiest person of earth. 

Travelling is another thing that makes me the happiest soul you would have met. Exploring places I have never seen before is one charismatic reason that works always. 

There’s also a different kind of happiness, the unique joy that’s above all joys. Its the joy of giving! I feel the most happy and content and extremely blessed when I give someone something, and that something is enough to bring a smile on their faces. That’s when I feel truly happy and proud of myself, content that even when I am not happy, I can make someone else happy, that ultimately becomes the reason of my pleasure too.

Apart from all these, blogging, my passion for writing makes me happy too. If not all these, the hope for a better tomorrow, the optimistic feeling that the future stores so much happiness for me, becomes the most sweetest reason of my happiness! 

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