Everyday of being mommy!

Getting up with the rising sun but feeling still sleepy! Going on, starting those chores. Doesn’t feel like smiling, but still I do when i wake up ny little one for school. Rushing and running within fifteen minutes of getting up so that the kid isn’t late to school. Doesn’t feel like cooking, bit still I do, make a meal, a healthier one, for my little one. 

Pheww!! The child’s gone! Oh my God!! Husband needs to be woken up. Rush,rush rush!! Wake him up, prepare a good breakfast, pack the tiffin and pheww! Even he’s gone. 

Let’s heave a sigh of relief! Oh Gosh! Baby is tossing, Oh my God! nooo, not now! But this one didn’t hear that. Why? Because he’s already crying on top of his voice. Run, run, run! Get him a feed. Oh God! He’s still screaming, let atleast the milk heat itself a little. Yeah, finally. He’s happy with the feed, gives me a smile and wait, ohh, finished it already and is already on an another mission. 

Don’t tell me! How can he load his diaper when I haven’t even had a proper five minutes in bathroom? But who cares? ,He needs immediate attention or else, you know, your hears are going to be banged with loads to clean too. Noo! Not that mess, let’s get over this. 

Ok, bathed and dressed, we seem to be happy playing with those blocks. Let’s get the cleaning  done. Glad, bedroom looks fantastic, let’s get to kitchen and have some food. Feels good to have something finally after being running around the house for two hours consecutively. Ok, so little one enters here too toddling slowly and giving cute smile. Let’s share the meal! 

Half of the meal in clothes and hopefully half in tummy, get him cleaned again, let’s head to the bedroom. Blink blink! Am I dreaming? Thought so there was a bed of mine behind those heap of topsy turvy things out there! The very perfectly managed room was all trashed and messed. I get a cute smile back when I stare at the culprit standing with me.

Four hours past! Hush! Baby’s asleep, lunch is cooked. I am full, let’s take a nap. Haww!! Feels great lying down and my eyelids are already dropping. Ding ting ding! Doorbell rings. Ok, the elder one’s home! “Hey, welcome back”, although feeling extremely sleepy, the glad fresh smile is genuine. 

Well, sleep is a forgotten story, time to be a tutor after refreshing and fulling up the tummy of this big guy. Not to forget, the junior is around the corner on a mission against studies, tutor and especially on those pages of the books. Sigh! Two hours, literature and mathematics done, with hushing the little one away from the colourful books and stopping him from snatching those pencils.

Cooking time is the toughest! Both of them seem to be having all sorts of nature calls, fights and urgent needs at the same time. Doreamon acts like an angel at that time. Well, as fast as I can, cooking task gets completed. When mr. Daddy comes, I get a partner in dealing with the hoolygons, a little tired one though!

After dinner house looks like a whole cyclone has passes through it. Getting them in bed, a task to be completed any how immediately because I want to read something today, let’s see if I get some time and energy for it. Afer all those alleged calls from lions, bears and ugly old lady, they are finally snoring.

Oh my, my! I just couldn’t describe the bliss I feel when I see both of them fast asleep! And when I glanced at their dad, I know he feels the same. Too tired even to move, I yawned, showered and was ready to just drop dead, reading, can wait! Thank God, tomorrow’s a sunday. But I’ll have to wake up early tomorrow too, because the little one needs attention at 7a.m. in the morning.  But that can be compensated as I have their dad to share the load.

With drooping eyes, I got a bomb to hear, “let’s go for a picnic tomorrow!” Eyes opened wide I repeated, “picnic tomorrow?” And the cassette started playing, getting the two excited kids ready, preparing all the snacks and drinks, managing the two fidgeting souls trying to drag almost everything they get their hands on, and not to forget the travel sickness to go with it. Ok, so let’s drop the plan, it’s going to be a huge flop!

But then, I glanced at those sleeping little ones and imagined all the glory they are going to feel and the exploring they are going to do, I smiled. said ,”yes, let’s go for a picnic tomorrow!” I know I would be dead tired when I’ll be back, would regret each second when they’ll drive me nuts, would end up being more crazy, but it’s ok, I’ll be glad! Feel the most pleasure ful seeing my kids happy. Well, that’s being a mommy, that’s motherhood!!

Some misconceptions about Ramadan and the reality!

Ramadan, One Of the beautiful names of Allah, the Almighty! It’s also one of the twelve months in the Islamic calendar or Muslims worldwide since 1400 years. 

While most of the people around the world know about this very sacred month in Islamic religion, very few are actually aware of the message behind this month of fasting and worshipping. Most of the muslims and non muslims assume this month to be that of fasting and it being the only month the muslims should worship which actually is quite a big misconception in itself. Here, I have tried to point out some of those misconceptions about Ramadan and it’s sacred meaning and beholding in Islamic religion.

Very firstly, the name people often refer to this month is Ramazan, which actually beholds no meaning to it. It’s precisely known and pronounced as Ramadan. It’s called as the month of the almighty as all that worshipping that’s done in this month, is being rewarded by the Almighty himself.  It starts with sighting the moon on the last evening of sha’ban and ends when we sight another moon for the month of Shawwal after 29 or 30 days of consecutive fasting. 

While most people think it’s the month when muslims eat and feast loads, in reality it’s the month of giving up those feastings and exotic food and only concentrating on worshipping the Almighty more than we actually worship on other days. The reason or concept behind those fasts is going without food and water from before the sunrise till sunset so that you get a control on your nafs or your inner self that arouses you to do certain things that should be otherwise avoided and you get a better capacity to worship your Lord. It also makes people realise the feeling through which each of their fellow humans go through who couldn’t afford the basic food for daily life while they enjoy those delicious meals. It helps in softening our hearts towards those underprivileged fellow humans and thus motivates us to help them or atleast don’t waste the food we have.

It’s a common misconception that muslims pray only during the month of Ramadan . Which actually is absolutely wrong. The prayers ot offerings to be done by a muslim is the same throughout the year except those very  few tasks that are to be performed only in a specific period of time. For example a muslim can perform Haj only during the starting days of Zil Haj, or the fasts of the entire month of Ramadan, that’s a compulsion for every healthy, adult muslim. But due to the devil being caged during this month and the rewards being increased of all the offerings you do, muslims are asked to worship more so that they can get closer to thier Lord with all these worshipping.

Some also presume that muslims offer Zakat or charity only in this month. It actually it’s an annual offering of 2.5% of the total wealth that’s above the nisab value, it being more than what’s permitted in Islam as your basic usage of wealth. It’s a way through which you purify your surplus existing wealth by donating them to the needy and it’s a compulsion for each able muslim. It can be given in any muslim month as soon as your year ends or is about to end, but Ramadan is preffered for it because as I said above, the reward of your each good deed gets doubled in this month and zakat is counted to be a noble deed too.

These are some of the common misconceptions I have been asked about Ramadan which I tried to clear. There may be more as there are for any other religion or sacred months too. Do let me know in the comment box below. I’ll try my best to clear those but just to be precise, Ramadan is a holy month which holds a special position is each muslims life, where in people lovingly fast for around 18/19 hours (or more of less too depending on the sunsets and sunrise) and are NOT FORCED by anyone for doing so.  The message of love, helping, charity and doing good deeds given in this month is actually to be carried out even during the other eleven months. Thus, making our whole year and  gradually whole life beautiful!

When I explore happiness!

Happiness is so unpredictable! Sometimes when you have everything, you want to be happy and contented, but a hollow feeling inside you never lets this happen. While, amidst a crises, when everything’s so very wrong, a sudden glow of happiness engulfs you from nowhere. But, whatever so, being happy is just a heavenly feeling! Its always so refreshing and makes you love your life and everything in it all the more.

Just like each individual is different, each of us have different reasons that make us happy at different circumstances. For some, its even the small moments that leads to heaps of laughter, while for some, a tremendous comedy movie seems not enough even for a smile.

Being a carefree individual, loving my life the way I do, I get happy quite easily! Almost everything around me seem to make me happy by just being around me. I like my world being filled with variety of God’s and humans creations, hence, appreciate everything and feel happy that they do exist in my world and I am able to see them, cherish them.

But, when I am on my extreme gloomy mood, when nothing seems to be having the jolly meaning it once carried, getting happier is a task! Then, I guess a sudden change in the environment, some fresh and cool freeze blowing around me soothes me very much. I feel happy by hearing some good bollywood music. Be it my all time favourite 90’s songs, or soft musical 2000 era hits, it really does the wonder. I really feel immense joy when ever I visit a library or a book store. Being so passionate about books, everything about them makes me super happy and excited.

A hardchore foodie as I am, even the sight of good food, especially desserts is enough to bring a wave of happiness inside me. I feel the most glad when I see my husband and babies content and happy. Even just knowing that they are safe and sound and are smiling, makes me feel the most happiest person of earth. 

Travelling is another thing that makes me the happiest soul you would have met. Exploring places I have never seen before is one charismatic reason that works always. 

There’s also a different kind of happiness, the unique joy that’s above all joys. Its the joy of giving! I feel the most happy and content and extremely blessed when I give someone something, and that something is enough to bring a smile on their faces. That’s when I feel truly happy and proud of myself, content that even when I am not happy, I can make someone else happy, that ultimately becomes the reason of my pleasure too.

Apart from all these, blogging, my passion for writing makes me happy too. If not all these, the hope for a better tomorrow, the optimistic feeling that the future stores so much happiness for me, becomes the most sweetest reason of my happiness! 

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Connect to nature with Tata Value Homes!

We don’t have a society, if we destroy the environment ! A quote so very well defining the need of a cleaner, pure environment around us for our healthier, better living. But, often enough, we get an option to choose between up to date amenities or natural surroundings. We always are forced to choose the former because having luxury seem to be more easier than getting both natural surrounding and comfort. 

Well, for all those nature lovers out there, who compromise their need of living next to nature and are forced to prioritise the luxury living, we got a companion here by the name of Tata Value Homes which strive to provide us world-class amenities with giving us a door leading to the beautiful environment around us.

With having most of their projects developed under the Green India Building Council, they ensure saving of natural resources by as much as 20%. The solar charging technologies used by them reduces the carbon footprint too and promises that the projects by them move towards renewable sources of energy. Hence, striving the policy of recycling the natural resources at its best.

Each year, through their initiatives they encourage us to get more closer to the environment we live it. This year, in the World Environment Day theme being connecting with the nature, on basis of which they are making sure we get an access to our beautiful mother nature with the help of theme gardens and outdoor activities. This, they encourage through their housing  projects which include gardens, natural energy sources, proper waste disposal system for cleaner environment and air. Their landscaped gardens in most of the  projects along with health options like jogging tracks, bicycling tracks that helps you get more habituated to the natural ways of living with more options encouraging fitness too.

Tata value Homes also believe in organising various cleanliness  drives to spread this message and encourage the need of getting closer to nature.

Some of these are:

  • Juhu Beach clean drive on 2nd October From 9am to 12noon

  • Cleanliness Drive at Elephanta Caves from 8am to 6pm

  • Tree Plantation at Boisar on 30th  July 2016 from 8am to 6pm

  • Tree Plantation at Boisar on 1st July 2016 from 10

  • Beach cleaning drive at Kelva Beach from 8.30am to 1pm on 26.03.2017

  • Tree plantation at La Montana Project  on 06/06/2016 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

  • Anti plastic Drive at Bhandara Dongar on27th August. 

By these drives and keeping in record this year’s theme of “connecting with the nature” they urge us to explore our world outdoors and step beyond our homes towards the nature, to appreciate and indulge in its beauty and to love the fact that we are so very a part of nature and how intimately we depend on it. It encourages us to explore more intriguing ways through which we can get more connected to magnificent nature around us!

Click the tigor style selfie!

Selfie mania is going on everywhere! Wherever you are, you go or are heading to, ek selfie to banti hai boss! So, why not utilise your selfie to bring you something grand? Yes, you got the hint right, it’s a new selfie contest on the board.

While, Tata motors make way for their new sensation in automobiles, Tata Tigor, they are giving you something rewarding too. With their new contest here, you just to go to your nearest mall displaying the very glamorous tata tigor and click an stylish selfie with it and tadaaa! You can get yourself some cool zara vouchers! Isn’t it just too easy and rewarding ?

So, what are you waiting for guys, just locate the nearest showroom flaunting the tata tigor, get some styling gears from there, doll up or tie your bows and get clicking the most stylish selfie with the tata tigor.  Upload those pics on their social media pages and use the mandatory hashtag, #TigorStyleBack and do mention your name and city name to be eligible to win the contest.

Don’t forget to upload your entries on social media platforms as well to get those brownie points to win.

For further updates about this contest, stay glued to their social media handles and keep trying to win these grand zara vouchers. 

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Not just mom, much much more!!

When god gave moms, he gave me the best one! That’s what everyone of us can relate to. The one woman power who is behind everything you are and turn out to be. your role model since then when you didn’t even knew the meaning behind this word. Those two arms, which are always there to comfort you during ups and downs, those two ears which are always open to hear what you have to say. You may think it’s just a silly nothing, but she never takes it less than a huge crises.

She’s always there for those guidance we may need in different dillemas of life. She always knows the answer to our unknown solutions. The woman who can satisfy our curiosity the best way possible and look after our needs even more than we ourselves can.

My mom, my role model, a typical Indian house maker who cared for all, looked after everyone in the family in the best way she can. Who knitted our family together in the threads of love and care over the years. Who knew well enough what each if us wanted, tolerant to the extreme, caring to no bounds, knowledgeable even more than a scholar, helpful to no limits, silent yet knew how to speak a thousands words of teachings to her kids. Wise enough to defeat any Einstein in the field of life, I think mom was an all rounder like the mother character of Mamta ( Reema lagu ) in the movie, hum sath sath hai

She always had a hand in excellent cooking. Fashion, she knew which colours would suit us well.  She knew how to preserve relationships with care and love. Never saying a know for a noble deed, always ready to help anyone who’s in need. She so resembled the filmy mamta, the symbol of maternal love! 

 In each phase of life, my mom helped me to deal my problems on my own independently while she stood in the back as a rock solid frame of support. The meaning of life she taught me and my siblings helped us to stay united and strong even today come what may!

Today, since eight years, she is not amongst us. Life seems to have taken a different route without her guidance and care. We still miss those moments of care and affection and love we shared under her presence, but all the same, we are grateful. For the tips she granted us with each of her wise steps in life, have always been the mentor in difficult situations. Today, she may not be between us, but I still love her towards  eternity and back!! 

When you have a mom, this mothers day, why not get a sweet gift for her from the huge collection of  https://www.bigsmall.in/collections/mothers-day-gifts .

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Fashion goes fusion this summer!

Summers make way for a drastic change if wardrobes! Making the right choices and the most suitable colours leaves you comfy and trendy during your summers. While online shopping sites are getting loaded with those new Summer spring collections, some choices are to be made by yourself to create your own customised trendy seasonal style. 

While florals are always such a favorite during sunny days, checks print and geometrical print are no exception this season. Our very favorites whites, yellows and baby pinks are always hovering over in summer, but indigo, blues and peaches are making their way too in this hot climate.

Off shoulders are getting quite a good attention this year, with those length of your down sleeves going a bit loose and longer. Taking western in to consideration, fusion style of mixing dark and lighter shades and contrasting Indian style tops with western bottoms of vice versa are quite inn nowadays too. For example, a loose sleeveless tee with palazzo or a formal fitting shirt with loose pants is certainly alluring. You can mix your long t shirts with Patiala too for a cool, comfy fusion look. 

Never to forget the typical Indian fashion style spreading over. The soft cotton pinks and blues are looking so very impressive and subtle to glide into. While cigarette pants with short kurties are making it’s way towards casual clothing too. We just can’t get over the sleeveless tops with net shrugs and some classy coloured palazzo.

The traditional way to fight with Summee blues with your chundri printed cotton suits all the way from Gujarat and those polka dots of your synthetic soft materials is an option if you are just going in for comfort. And last, but not the least, let’s not forget checking these not very much known, but having some really great collection when it comes for lovely looking stylish apparels. 

  • Nallu for classy, elegant Indian attires
  • Fynd app for some insane Indo western trendy and branded designs
  • Big bazaar fbb for feather light denims collections and more, made especially for Indian summers.
  • Lifestyle stores for their latest melange collections in association with kangana Ranaut.
  • Mantra app is always the best one for some crazy and super stylish designs .

With these I am sure, you are all set to look your very best and comfortable while you best the beat this Summer!