Book Review- Europa by Hywel Richard Pinto (fiction)

Fiction novels are always gripping! The excitement of turning each new page and indulging in to a new dramatic and more exciting situation is the most captivating part of reading. And when it’s a science fiction that is a mysterious story too, you just couldn’t help reading the whole book in a go without any possible breaks!

The same happened when I started reading the latest science fiction by Hywel Richard Pinto, Europa! A superb illustrative novel that takes you to the nook and corners of a secret space journey that turns out to be a dangerous journey involving in much more of adventure than just a mission.

I really loved how the story unfolds step by step taking in leaps from the trial room to the time of incidents. This book,in detail, through a journey, Europa, explains how a space journey is carried out and what danger it holds for the people related to it.

The mysterious crime and the unfolding of the same in chapters will keep you engulfed till the last page. The mission than connecting to certain political organisations back in the country gives a new turn to the novel hence making it further more captivating and tempting to read.

The protagonist, Captain Richard Sparks who is being victimised as the main culprit behind all the crime that happened during the mission seems to have a story to tell that’s hard for most of the jury to believe! Now, if he is able to convince the organization about his innocence is what will make you turn pages rapidly.

The climax, is something that you would never dreamt would have happened. It’s being perfectly and very creatively given a new turn that makes the reading the whole journey to truth more exciting.

Personally, I think the books a must read if you love fiction, excitement, adventures, mystery and suspense in a book. And for being a science fiction, the pages that go through explains you all in detail about the various steps of a space journey. The consecutive situations throughout the book wouldn’t let you read even a stanza of boredom.

The most catchy line that I liked from the book is from the preface this time, All trials are not as simple as they seem, not when the accused has a story to tell and some people will go to a great height to protect what actually happened on Europa!

About the author – Hywel Richard Pinto has been born and brought up in Mumbai, he’s been quite a fan of reading and Enid blyton and has been a great reader of her mystery novels, famous five and secret seven. He now works full time in a Media agency as a Sr. Director – Media Planner. He has also written a murder mystery set in Mumbai by the name of “The Monday Murder” which was shortlisted in the top 20 manuscripts from nearly 300 entries by DNA-Hachette India in January 2013 during their Hunt For The Next Indian Bestseller contest.

You can buy this book online on Amazon here Europa – A Sci-Fi Adventure Of Galactical Proportions


Food Review- Bonne Salads And More at Lower parel, Mumbai!

Each time you eat or drink something, you are either feeding disease or fighting it!

So, we better eat good and healthy! Most of us are always conscious of our health and fitness nowadays, therefore have been opting for healthy ingredients while we prepare our food and avoid those extra fats and pounds in each meal.

But, getting all those right ingredients fresh daily and preparing good healthy food that’s tasty as well seems a difficult task to accomplish on a daily basis. Hence, comes the roles of various outlets that serves us low carb, protein full and nutritious food. But, you just can’t trust any restaurant or delivery outlet to serve you the best of the healthy dishes made with so much that you may personally want. Neither all of them can prepare a meal that’s healthy and tasty at the same time.

As a foodie, I am often on a food trail, carrying out a journey of exploring my city Mumbai, to get hold of some of the best places that gives food the perfection it needs. It was during this time I came across a place that delivers you the best and healthiest meal option all delivered at your doorstep and consists of just the right ingredients you need to get your daily dose of nutrients. And yes, it’s tasty, so a treat for your taste buds too.

Bonne salads and more is quite a famous name when you ask about it among the foodies that health conscious! Located at lower parel, Mumbai, it delivers some of the best salads, sandwiches, meals, smoothies and healthy desserts almost across the whole of South Mumbai.

I have tried almost all of the dishes from their menu and must say each of them includes large quantities of greens and beans, proteins and carbs and all to the freshest quality that it can be. Check here for some recommendations of the same:

  • Couscous Mediterranean salad- A great mix of couscous, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, olives, yogurt, feta cheese and much more fresh veggies. This is quite filling and high in nutrients too.
  • Healthy grilled chicken salad- A twistful sweet and salty tasting salad with generous quantity if chicken, veggies, greens, honey and bocconcini cheese.
  • Chickpeas and feta cheese salad- Salad with chickpeas in huge quantity along with cucumber and tomatoes and large chunk of feta cheese.
  • Chicken with ricotta cheese- Some huge quantity of chicken pieces along with feta cheese, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and some more veggies.
  • Grilled Mediterranean sandwich- Multi grain based breads grilled perfectly with generous quantity of hummus, grilled zucchini, bell pepper and feta cheese accompanied with mustard dressing.
  • Desi paneer tikka sandwich- Again, I chose the multi grain base for the sandwiches whivh included of thick layers of paneer, broccomole dips and lettuce.
  • Whole wheat Penne pasta- cheesy, saucy and yummy pasta consisting of Penne and veggies all in good quantity.
  • Stir fry soba noodles with chicken- Thin noodles along with fresh vegetables and chicken and awesome taste.
  • Very berry smoothie- A deliceous mix of fresh berries and perfectly blended in an awesome smoothie.
  • Sunshine smoothie- A yellow looking scrumptious smoothie considering of bananas and pineapple and fresh fruits making it super delicious.
  • Watermelon juice- Natural water melon in its pure form.
  • Whole wheat Carrot cake- Deliceous tasting perfectly bake cake that has a hint of Carrot’s sweetness.
  • Chia seeds pudding- soaked chia seeds transformed in to a sweet pudding tasting best with fruits on it. These are some of the very best and tasted vegetarian and non vegetarian options that you can try out from bonne salads and more being quite relieved of the freshness and quality of the same.

You can also check their latest promotional offers to get a good discounts of your offer and know more about their latest deals and deliceous meal options by following on their various social media platforms here:

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Website –

The Future is Exciting with Vodafone!

Future is exciting… Ready? Says the new Vodafone tagline! The telecom company that has been evolving rapidly in the past decades according to the consumer needs and changing demands of the times, is yet again emerging a winner in the world of connectivity with a brand new idea! From the concept of getting a puppy following the girl to the cute little zoozoos to the chhota recharge plans, they have always been mastering the art of satisfying the customer needs with the most unique and best way possible.

With digitalisation engulfing the world in it’s arms tightly, the era of mobile life and IoT taking over the globe, a great connectivity and a huge amount of possibilities is whats the need of the hour. Hence, here again, taking in to consideration the demands of changing generations and technology, Vodafone has come forward with whole new exciting ideas to grab this chance of ruling the world of connectivity yet again with their amazing network.

Starting from a simple hello, to the long chat on video calls, they are ready to give you the best they can and make sure your future gets more exciting.

The earlier logo and the tagline of power to you gave us all the power we needed to remain connected no doubt, this new logo and the tagline of Future is Exciting… ready, has so much more optimism to it. Hence, informing us that with the changing time we can explore more possibilities along with the best connectivity and are we ready to embrace the change yet?

Vodafone MD Sunil Sood, rightly said that the aim of the campaign is to harness the company’s branding to the optimism of consumers about the future and to the positive ways in which technology is going to change people’s lives in coming years. It’s going to benefit each and every sector of the society, from a farmer, to a businessman, from a kid to an oldie.

The new logo of being a speech mark will place much greater emphasis on Vodafone’s iconic ‘speech mark’ in the biggest change to come . The change will reflect the evolution of Vodafone from being just a telecom service provider to a total communication solutions partner too.

So lets stay glued to know what’s more in store in the exciting future for all the vodafone users and are they ready for the same?

Check these video to know more about the idea.

Easy ways to prevent Malaria!

Being a mother I am always conscious of my baby’s health! With the growing onset of diseases in our country, keeping kids healthy is really a huge task to accomplish. Some diseases evolving as a threat for our health are dengue, malaria, chikungunya, zika etc. While most of diseases have got some good vaccination for them, malaria seems to be lagging in it.

Until recently, no perfectly working vaccine to prevent malaria has been recorded, though experts are working on it continuously. Once malaria takes a better grip on the body it may often lead to back to back severe conditions like jaundice, convulsions etc. Thus, making the process of curing a little one becomes a bit lengthy and painful. Prevention is the wise step one can follow to avoid a this fatal disease.

For knowing the prevention factors a more in detail, let’s get to know more about malaria, its causes and some easiest preventive methods which we, mothers must definitely try.

Malaria is a serious disease found in most of the Asian countries. It’s not contagious and is caused by bites of parasites that are transmitted to people through the bite of anopheles mosquito or infected mosquitoes. Once an infected mosquito bites a human, the parasites multiply in the liver and start infecting and destroy red blood cells.

Although the symptoms of malaria vary from person to person, from a kid to an adult, some of the symptoms are common to all. The most common symptoms are fever, headache, nausea and vomiting, weakness and body aches. While, some severe conditions may be diarrhoea, anemia, bloody stools, often coma and death too.

When I researched on it more closely, I found that according to recent studies, NEARLY 95% OF INDIA LIVES IN MALARIA ENDEMIC AREAS This is surely a genuine factor of concern, as even we may be included in the 95% of the population residing in such areas.
Hence, the rising cases of malaria around Asia and in the country is a grave issue to be resolved yet! As this disease proves to be fatal in most of the cases, deaths caused due to malaria is another challenge that world health organization is striving its best to fight with.

Malarial parasites breed on stagnating surroundings like standing water or accumulation of wet garbage.

To avoid it, make sure you don’t let water collect around your area. A regular check on your plantations with proper insecticides can also avoid the mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes often move around biting during the time of twilight. Hence, during dusk and dawn make sure your windows are closed and there is no room for them to enter the house. This is not a guaranteed method though, they may already be hiding in your home somewhere, but taking the precautions may be helpful all the same.

Good knight Activ+ System.

Using a skin friendly mosquito repellent like Good knight Cool Gel is another trustworthy method to avoid those bites when you step out of your house.

Apart from this, wearing full clothes especially for kids and pregnant women can also help in avoiding mosquito bites.

These are some of the easiest ways through which one can avoid being bitten, acquiring the disease and keeping our families more healthier and fit. After all, it’s always said, better prevent it with wisdom rather than cure it with pain!

Smart living through IoT!

We breath in the 21st century and here, IoT is the way of life! IoT, Internet Of Things, being defined as the interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data. It’s a modern day technology or even a hand forward than the term bringing your varied aspects of life together in a device. A convenient and efficient way through which you can manage your different projects and places just by the tip of your fingers without spending much of your time, money and efforts.

With IoT, you can stay smart, live smart and travel smart too! The idea which is revolving around the world like oxygen, the IoT seem to have made its place almost in each part of the globe quite rapidly. Each country is trying to manage their infrastructures, railways, finance and security through IoT and just how convenient and safe it is!

The idea of smart living through IoT is an individual concept all together. Here, you can make sure your house is safe even when you are travelling miles away from home, you can control who gets an access to your place with the device or smartphone you own and even get snapshots of them through your tablets or smartphone.. IoT makes your house security systems, your electronic gadgets management and your schedules work according to your idea, provided, each of it has an access to required internet connection for the same.

Different IoT solutions are being brought about in market with some of the unique features. Either by downloading an app guaranteeing it or some security devices ensuring the same, these IoT solutions have got lot to offer to make sure your life gets appropriately equipped with proper solutions matching your lifestyle and providing the best with ease.

Well, if in this smart century, where the world’s turning smarter with IoT, even you can stay a step ahead with the perfect IoT solutions installed in your gadget and live hassle and worry free. After all, the world’s evolving through Internet, why not we!

Clean and pollution free homes maintained easily!

As a parent I am usually so much worried about protecting my child from all odds! I try to make everything around them safe and sound so that they don’t get affected to anything harmful both physically and mentally. It’s a relative feeling to all parents too. We always tend to make sure our kids eat healthy, stay sanitised and stay in a clean surrounding, be protected from harmful diseases and what not, the list is endless. We always do feel something’s not safe even though we make sure everything is!

That’s the reason, I always make sure my kids are wearing mosquito repellents and proper clothings when outdoors to make them safe. At home, I know they are safe. I keep everything super tidy and clean to make sure they are! After all, our little heaven, our home sweet home is a place where we all relax and spend maximum of our times. I feel glad that my kids can stay well protected at our fully equipped home. With cctv cameras, fire extinguishers, modern technology machineries and spic and span clean home, my kids are exactly the best way they ought to be at their home.

But recently, while scrolling through twitter, I read a tweet that grabbed my attention! It said, the inner surroundings of our homes are five times more unsafe and polluted for our kids than the outer surroundings. This just left me so worried. If even after so much maintainence and cleanliness we are not safe at home, then where are we? This polluted air can cause my kids some respiratory diseases and flu too. I just can’t keep my kids masked at home! This thing has to be solved. This polluted air that was five times more dangerous than outer surroundings can effect my children so much.

Well, than I kept on thinking and came up with some ideas to avoid this situation. The answeres that I got were simply easy and can help a lot to avoid the accumulation of dust at home. These are:

  • Maintening door mats at entrance and cleaning and changing it regularly so that the outer dust gets absorbed on the mat.
  • Planting some saplings that’ll help in getting some fresh air at your house.
  • Usage of air freshener and deodorants only when your windows are wide open, so that least of it gets accumulated on your walls.
  • Getting proper sanitisation done after getting furniture polished and walls painted.
  • Keeping the corners clean and moist free with proper cleaning methods.
  • Usage of floor cleaners that provide hundred percent germ free protection. These are some little, easy ways that can keep you relieved that you are doing your best to protect your kids from polluted air. Apart from this, thanks a lot to, I came across this advertisement that provided a guaranteed solution for the problem. Asian paints brings about a new paint with advanced technology, Royal Atmos, a paint that helps purity air and absorbs the dust in air and keeps your home safe and dust free. Hence, making sure my home, sweet home remains safe and heavenly with no danger for my kids health wise or otherwise. To know more just check this video.

Vodafone brings unlimited entertainment this festive season!

Looking for excitement this festival season?Here’s why Vodafone Aaagomoni is going to be one of the biggest celebrations on the eve of Mahalaya.

This is what happens when legends like Gulzar, Bhupinder Singh, Mitali Singh, Mamata Shankar, Usha Utthup, Soumyajit Das, Sourendra Mullick, Upal Sengupta, Anindya Chatterjee, Iman Chakraborty, Indrani Dutta, all share a stage!The dose of entertainment double up.

While it would take time for one to fathom such a immenent presence in one place Vodafone has brought this to reality. As a part of the 17th edition of #VodafoneAagomoni this year, Vodafone has invited these legends to the perform at the Science City Auditorium, 7.30 pm onwards on 18 th September 2017 . The Choreography & Performance by Mamata Shankar and troupe.
Guest of honor Gulzar with Bhupinder & Mitali Singh will be presenting poems & Nazms of Gulzar.
Not just this, this event will also see a Performance on Peace by Prayas Foundation: Special Children & Avirup, Songs and Piano by Soumyojit-Sourendra, Bangla Band: Chandrabindoo: Anindo & Upal with Iman Chakraborty .If you think is all, Beat this, this edition of Vodafone aagomoni will also have Usha Uthup & team to perform for us.

Traditionally, the privilege of just select invitees, this edition of Vodafone Aaagomoni takes a novel step to make the proceedings accessible to a larger group of music aficionados. Vodafone Aaagomoni 2017 can even be viewed LIVE on the #VodafonePLAY App. Vodafone customers across the globe can download and log into Vodafone PLAY App to get a live feel of the grandeur of Vodafone Aaagomoni 2017.
Vodafone PLAY in association with HUNGAMA PLAY and HOOQ, lets the users surf through 300+ Live TV channels, over 14000+ movies and TV show titles and a wide range of all genres of music. To download Vodafone PLAY, the customers can send the text “PLAY” to 199 or can download it from Google PLAY Store (Android users) or App Store (I-phone users).
Vodafone India in association with a leading FM channel will be conducting a “Slogan Contest”, enabling 200 listeners to win couple passes to Vodafone Aaagomoni 2017. Interested participants will have to come up with innovative and interesting slogans on Vodafone Aaagomoni. Vodafone Aaagomoni 2017 will also be telecasted LIVE on Zee Bangla.

So if your planning a visit to Kolkata city… do remember that the Vodafone aagomoni festival is only 5 days away and you couldn’t be a part of it bu just some simple steps. So why wait guys? Get set go and join in the bandwagon right away.

Be healthy your own sweet way!

Health is just so important! Being considered wealth commonly, we very well know how much it’s worthed. But, what we don’t know is to maintain this wealth perfectly in our safes forever. To maintain anything precious, a little effort on our part is needed so that it doesn’t disintegrate. So, a healthy body to be maintained calls for some efforts from individuals too.

We being so much busy nowadays have hardly any time to follow a proper meal schedule, let alone the idea of following regular exercise and diet plan. Taking all these efforts for some time may be possible, but a healthy body calls for constant attention for its well being. Concluding it simply, a 21st century individual has hardly the appropriate time, effort and sources to carry out the proper workout schedule and diet needed for a healthy body.

So what? We go on having bulging tummies? Forget about those tempting perfect figure? Be a victim of heart diseases and cholesterol problems? Nah! Read this quote thats a solution in itself!

Ever heard about little things that matter much? So, does little steps. As said perfectly above, There is no one giant step that does it, it’s a lot of steps! We may not be able to take out a huge chunk of our times daily for a proper exercise session or a jog, but taking on stairs instead of elevator can do wonders too. I really try and walk that mile toward the station daily while commuting from office so that I can burn atleast some calories gained that day.

Other than this, a little aerobics steps one or two doesn’t harm when you are busy watching Doreamon with your kido. Or taking her to an evening walk and also getting those groceries you need while doing so.

Yes, even a little stretching up done while are busy cleaning around the living room, or a little fast walk when you are moving from cabin to cabins at office can be included in being exercise for your body.

As rightly said above, lets creat habits not restrictions! Lets make our health and excercise a habit that tend to stay with us longer than making it a restriction that may seem like a burden later on.

At this time, these little habits created while you still carry on with daily routine can actually help you be mor healthy. Believe me, these little steps along with some tiny alteration in your meal plan may result in a better, healthier you and without even bothering to constraint your self with some extra training session.

So, even if your health was neglected till date, or you just couldn’t find enough time for a good excercise training session, you can start from today onwards. Lets from today make your everyday living a healthy workout for yourself and helo yourself become more healthy and fit. After all, all’s well when health is well!

For more inspiration, check this super cool video from Saffola that’s gives you some ideas on how you can get a better health your own sweet way, #ApneTareekeSeHealthy.

I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiativeand sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda

Love jatao this grand parents day!

Everything’s fair when you are at grannie’s! Ever heard this? No? But you couldn’t deny this too! The grand parents are those who let you do whatever you want to do and get you rotten spoilt when you are visiting them. The ones who care just like parent, often more than them. They don’t show it though. The ones who are always ready to lend their ears when we are in need of a friend who does so! The best guide who have decades of experience and buckets of knowledge to go with it.

I really loved visiting ny grand parents, both the maternal side and the paternal side. They were always dotting and caring and very considerate. Had always the patience and time needed to deal with a spoilt brat like myself.( Well, they never let me knew I was a spoilt brat either!) The variety of dishes that I got to taste being there and always keeping my taste preferences in mind made my stay there more amazing!

As time passed by, the visit were made less frequently, phone calls even fewer and those jolly holidays became just cherished memories in the sands of time! Not that my grand parents weren’t missing us, or we didn’t respond the feeling. It was just climbing the ladders of age we tend to move far away from them. The time they used to take out for us from their busy schedules, we weren’t able to do the same for them.

Now, they need someone who could listen them patiently. Hear their small complaints, assure them wisely, prepare something deliceous for them and spoil them with some cute gifts. But, time ohh time! We all have so much of lack of it in our lives, we can’t even adjust a little of it for our loved ones selfless relatives.

This grand parents day, parachute advanced, with their new sweet advertisement on #lovejatao, a concept on how we can show our love and gratitude to our grand parents by dedicating some of our time to them. I was really overwhelmed when I watched it, wanted to follow the suit and show some gratitude to my grand parents too.

Thus, I decided and went to give them a surprise visit today. They catching me there so unexpected welcomed me with wet eyes. I felt so guilty, I wasn’t here before, and promised myself that this mistake would be rectified.

I told them to get ready withing fifteen minutes as we were going for a sudden picnic. They are fragile and weak now, couldn’t get ready fast they once used to be. So, I helped them do that and very soon we were driving on in my car going for a short picnic. The trip to Chota kashmir, a small garden was short to drive. I had already packed some of their favorite sandwiches and a pot full of baked masala potatoes for them. They used to love them when my mom used to make them this. My kids were with me too. They just loved playing ludo on their I pad and even teaching them to play that.

The jokes that these two generations shared had the huge gap of decades and ideas, but we all loved them nonetheless. Inspired by the advertisement, I even gave my dadima and nanima a short head massage and they found it really reliving.

We ended the day by having an early dinner at a local dhaba. My grandparents were already yawning at the journey back home. They seem to even tire out early, I noticed sadly. No wonder their health is deteriorating because even their appetite has decreased. I felt so ashamed that I couldn’t do anything to make them this happy often enough. They seem to be having so. Much gala time with their great grand kids.

As I dropped them back home, I promised my self that each fortnight, I would pay them a visit and spend some time with them for sure. My kids were realy excited about this idea. This reminded me of my childhood when I used to love the idea of visiting them so much. Soon, very soon, even I would turn in to a grand parent and I would feel so lonely and lost if someone else did the same to me too.

I really thank parachute advanced for this lovely concept shown in a great subtle way to let people know what their missing in their life and how it can be mended!

The motive of writing this is to inspire someone to get up and #lovejatao to those parents who love you more than your parents!

I look forward to hear from you how would you celebrate Grandparents Day. Do share a selfie with your grandparents on Sept. 10, 2017 on Twitter or Facebook with #LoveJatao & tag @blogadda to win a goodie from Parachute Advansed.

When food blogging takes you places!

Being a foodie is a huge accomplishment in itself! Trying and tasting out varied items of food, preparing them at home or just going out door food trails, it’s the irresistible charm of being a die heart foodie. Turning in to a food blogger is your craze and passion for food driving you in to writing and sharing it all with your friends and followers. My journey if food blogging started all with the love for trying out various sweet and spicy delicacies and about experimenting all that preparations at home. It’s just an amazing feel when you get your favorite recipe of a certain dish, personalise it with your ideas and later create your baby, a great new delectable dish to devour!

I simply loved baking those exotic cookies, ravishing cakes and some really tasty indian and continental food. And sharing those recipes on my blog, getting an applaud for the same always enhanced my joy and encouraged me to further pursue the trail. Being a Mumbaikar, my love for street food was but natural! This took me places to relish those street food delights and pointing out all of them through my blog and even getting more people getting to know these yet unexplored points of deliceous treats. From those delectable pizzas at mojo, to trying out yummy cheesy more varied ones from pizzabox to giving it a more personalise touch at 1441pizzeria, my passion and love for pizzas always increased after trying out these. When organic and hygienic plus vegetarian options combined, some places like le cafe garde manger, above and beyond, the American joint seem to get a heads up at serving the best food in the most unique way! Non vegetarian and exotic, a rare combination but perfectly blended at the Persian darbar, morselo, 5 spice and the Carter’s blue! The ambience plus good food always made your dining out a happy eating experience! When I was too lazy to step out and needed sone really good meals at home, curry me up, box 8, mr.chows and sprout gourmet did all the needful. Perfect packaging and a great taste always made them my favourite to order and devour. Perfect pure Maharashtrian cuisine gets a new name with Jivhala, while exotic chinese food gets renowned with deliceous food at Emprino. It’s all just too deliceous to leave. Wraps are the new love in town, I just went crazy tasting those from box8 and faasos.

When snacking on burgers and sandwiches who could beat that’s cheesy and shalimar cool point for it. I simply loved their softest buns turning a great burger with efforts.

Be it the love of avadhi cuisine at keizer or for those mid night cravings for unique flavoured icecream at where’s my cone, my cravings got just the right places to have them.

For the call of a perfect chai at chaayos or a typical coffee craving at CCD, these places always served the best and made me return for more.

Even food tasting seems so much awesome when I got some relishing samples from epigamia Greek yogurt and some cool flavoured popcorns fro Wow popcorns.

While I just loved sharing some of these experiences of my blog, my tweets, getting them known through my instagram posts and facebook made it mote recognised amongst my friends. The joy of sharing it through my zomato reviews got doubled when I got a string recognition of followers who simply loved my reviews there. Well, the journey as they say it’s not over as long as you live! I still am exploring the best of food joints around mumbai, trying out the delectable cuisines almost everywhere and pouring all mu experiences through my writings and pictures. I just hope to keep on getting more love and encouragement from foodies worldwide and some new ideas to try out those delectable dishes too.