Click the tigor style selfie!

Selfie mania is going on everywhere! Wherever you are, you go or are heading to, ek selfie to banti hai boss! So, why not utilise your selfie to bring you something grand? Yes, you got the hint right, it’s a new selfie contest on the board.

While, Tata motors make way for their new sensation in automobiles, Tata Tigor, they are giving you something rewarding too. With their new contest here, you just to go to your nearest mall displaying the very glamorous tata tigor and click an stylish selfie with it and tadaaa! You can get yourself some cool zara vouchers! Isn’t it just too easy and rewarding ?

So, what are you waiting for guys, just locate the nearest showroom flaunting the tata tigor, get some styling gears from there, doll up or tie your bows and get clicking the most stylish selfie with the tata tigor.  Upload those pics on their social media pages and use the mandatory hashtag, #TigorStyleBack and do mention your name and city name to be eligible to win the contest.

Don’t forget to upload your entries on social media platforms as well to get those brownie points to win.

For further updates about this contest, stay glued to their social media handles and keep trying to win these grand zara vouchers. 

* Locate your nearest mall/showroom where tata tigor will be displayed by clicking on the link:

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Not just mom, much much more!!

When god gave moms, he gave me the best one! That’s what everyone of us can relate to. The one woman power who is behind everything you are and turn out to be. your role model since then when you didn’t even knew the meaning behind this word. Those two arms, which are always there to comfort you during ups and downs, those two ears which are always open to hear what you have to say. You may think it’s just a silly nothing, but she never takes it less than a huge crises.

She’s always there for those guidance we may need in different dillemas of life. She always knows the answer to our unknown solutions. The woman who can satisfy our curiosity the best way possible and look after our needs even more than we ourselves can.

My mom, my role model, a typical Indian house maker who cared for all, looked after everyone in the family in the best way she can. Who knitted our family together in the threads of love and care over the years. Who knew well enough what each if us wanted, tolerant to the extreme, caring to no bounds, knowledgeable even more than a scholar, helpful to no limits, silent yet knew how to speak a thousands words of teachings to her kids. Wise enough to defeat any Einstein in the field of life, I think mom was an all rounder like the mother character of Mamta ( Reema lagu ) in the movie, hum sath sath hai

She always had a hand in excellent cooking. Fashion, she knew which colours would suit us well.  She knew how to preserve relationships with care and love. Never saying a know for a noble deed, always ready to help anyone who’s in need. She so resembled the filmy mamta, the symbol of maternal love! 

 In each phase of life, my mom helped me to deal my problems on my own independently while she stood in the back as a rock solid frame of support. The meaning of life she taught me and my siblings helped us to stay united and strong even today come what may!

Today, since eight years, she is not amongst us. Life seems to have taken a different route without her guidance and care. We still miss those moments of care and affection and love we shared under her presence, but all the same, we are grateful. For the tips she granted us with each of her wise steps in life, have always been the mentor in difficult situations. Today, she may not be between us, but I still love her towards  eternity and back!! 

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Fashion goes fusion this summer!

Summers make way for a drastic change if wardrobes! Making the right choices and the most suitable colours leaves you comfy and trendy during your summers. While online shopping sites are getting loaded with those new Summer spring collections, some choices are to be made by yourself to create your own customised trendy seasonal style. 

While florals are always such a favorite during sunny days, checks print and geometrical print are no exception this season. Our very favorites whites, yellows and baby pinks are always hovering over in summer, but indigo, blues and peaches are making their way too in this hot climate.

Off shoulders are getting quite a good attention this year, with those length of your down sleeves going a bit loose and longer. Taking western in to consideration, fusion style of mixing dark and lighter shades and contrasting Indian style tops with western bottoms of vice versa are quite inn nowadays too. For example, a loose sleeveless tee with palazzo or a formal fitting shirt with loose pants is certainly alluring. You can mix your long t shirts with Patiala too for a cool, comfy fusion look. 

Never to forget the typical Indian fashion style spreading over. The soft cotton pinks and blues are looking so very impressive and subtle to glide into. While cigarette pants with short kurties are making it’s way towards casual clothing too. We just can’t get over the sleeveless tops with net shrugs and some classy coloured palazzo.

The traditional way to fight with Summee blues with your chundri printed cotton suits all the way from Gujarat and those polka dots of your synthetic soft materials is an option if you are just going in for comfort. And last, but not the least, let’s not forget checking these not very much known, but having some really great collection when it comes for lovely looking stylish apparels. 

  • Nallu for classy, elegant Indian attires
  • Fynd app for some insane Indo western trendy and branded designs
  • Big bazaar fbb for feather light denims collections and more, made especially for Indian summers.
  • Lifestyle stores for their latest melange collections in association with kangana Ranaut.
  • Mantra app is always the best one for some crazy and super stylish designs .

With these I am sure, you are all set to look your very best and comfortable while you best the beat this Summer!

When smile called up back…

“Hey, ya! Hope you remember me,buddy!” This one stopped me on my way while i was so busy planning for the next strategy to be put up in front of the client. Irritated to be disturbed amidst those, I looked up. He seemed to be someone I knew bizzarly. “Who are you?, You seem to be someone I know, right?” I asked it. ” Oh yes! We were quite a pair, you and I. Don’t you think you can make out, who am I?” It looked directly in my eyes and challenged me. 

I think I guesses it then, it was right, I knew of it. “Well, let me guess, you are that, aren’t you? The one semicircle thats always on the upper side when it’s formed, like a half moon on our face? ” I tried to guess it all right, but knew I was wrong somewhere. “Yeah, may be, but what you are describing can be my cousin too”, came the grump reply.

“Let me guess! You are not the one, we use to express our delight and pleasant feeling?” I tried to guess. “Well, actually it’s when you feel a sudden warmth engulfing you the moment I occur on your face. Not just your lips, but your inner self seem to lift up as you use me. Do you feel the same now, now when you use me to meet with your acquaintance, do you think you get a warm feeling or inner happiness or actual delight when you have that lift upliftment with you?”. This thought rattled me with a sudden force. I stared at it silently thinking upon those words again in my mind. When it suddenly said, ” we have never been together for quite some time my friend, it’s been my cousin, a grin, you are talking about! ” He chuckled.

Chuckled! I seem to relate with this word, this expression actually. The same sound from within myself that seemed to be so very a part of me once upon a time. The sound that I used to make every time I played a prank on bhaiya, the feeling of joy within that led to that sound when maa and paa used to bring some awesome toys for me. It’s been long, but I still remember the wonderful expression, the happiness that went with it. 

And yes, the expression this one talked about was also once a part of me too. I gathered that with a sudden down feeling. Even that upward semicircle of delight, I still was wondering what was it called, I called it being polite, think so! I used to know that feeling once too. The warmth that went in with it, the glow that came on my face with it and the sweet feeling that it carried! I knew it all, then why…. ? Why couldn’t I still relate to it? … Why couldn’t I remember it… ? Why couldn’t I bring it on my face once again … ?

May be, during the sands of times, while growing up, I somehow became more mature. Being practical demanded a professional movement of your lips with a stable expression and some mild feeling. That’s where may be I opted for its so called cousin and left this one out here. May be while moving on in this world, I forgot how to be glad, that was when actually that upward movement of your lips with a soft feeling came,isnt it? That was when happiness came in! 

May be I wasn’t that happy anymore! I slowly reflected myself, I had everything, I can buy anything I need and want, I have friends, I am satisfied! Satisfied yes! But am I content fully happy? If I would have been that, may be this one facing me here would have been a part of me, I would have been chuckling just like it….

Catching me deep in thought it sighed and turned around to leave, I was jolted back to reality. “Hey you!” I called up but it didn’t turn. ” Hey, stop! I am talking to you,wait !” It went on walking, as if it was defeated, disgraced by me. ” Hey, ….. Smile!!! ” And yes, it did stop and turn now with the same glow and smile on it’s face too. “Smile, we have been away for quite a while, why not get patched up once again? This time, forever!” I said and felt a soft movement of my lips forming a semicircle upwards and a sweet warmth that spread inside me, it felt great, after a long time, but it was finally back, a smiling me! 

Space Magic With Colgate

Parenting is tough indeed! But you tend to enjoy each moment of parenthood with a sweet memory to be cherished later on. The tiny habits that you inculcate in your kid, to those complex logics that’s needed to be taught to the child, each phase requires some efforts on both the sides, of parent’s and of the child’s side. 

But wouldn’t it be amazing if your child cooperates in learning those necessary habits and easily give in to your persuasion? Well, that’s what I felt when I got to know about the new concept of Colgate toothpastes.

 The Magical Space Adventure based on the ‘Magical Space’ theme to cut, play and learn – explore the mystical Alien Planet, float around the zero gravity Space Walk and experience the thrilling Space Launch is just what intrigues your kid to open the pack as soon as he can and feed their curiousity about the adventure that comes with it.

My son just loved cutting all those attractive figures and arranging and rearranging them. He even weaved a story along with that ,which, I never knew could be so adventurous. Who taught a toothpaste pack has so much of an adventure series behind it!
According to my son, those two hero characters that’s the word he used for the protagonists in it. They are himself and his sister and they are flying in rocket for a special mission. The mission seems to be sponsored by none other than TKWA, it’s  The Kids Welfare Association and it’s run by the Colgate team.
These kids are going in space to catch those aliens whose submarine they caught at a certain place on the earth. And these aliens were on a very dangerous mission against the kids on earth. They were going to attack and spread the cavity causing particles in the earth. Hence, they were trying to destroy the happiness of the children in our planet.
So, here comes master and miss Ladha to find and catch those aliens and destroy those particles before they destroy our teeth. They caught a site of thier leader alien, and oh gosh! They are already in process to attack us with thier space team.

But out heroes have the Colgate power, they aren’t going to be defeated so easily. So, here they go and destroy those aliens and their UFOs with their power and return home with great pride and happiness. For they are the reason that cavity would no longer attack the children’s happiness and keep their teeth healthy and strong. Provided, the kids daily brush their teeth twice and keep on weaving such awesome stories with their favourite Colgate pack.

“I’m blogging my #ColgateMagicalstories at BlogAdda in association with Colgate.

Luxury Stay at Kashmir 

Luxury stay is pure bliss! And it turns more blissful, till the epitome of heavenly experience when that luxury stay is at the most beautiful place on the earth. 

Kashmir has already been tagged in tagged as the paradise on earth.The pure, serenic beauty with nature’s some most astounding creations and beauty spots lying here, it’s every persons dream to visit here at once. And when you get a chance to visit this heaven, a stupendous experience at the most luxurious and unique hotel out here adds cream toppings to your holiday in this beautiful destination.

And when I say a unique experience, I mean one really distinc type of stay amongst the beautiful serenic nature that’ll surely captivate you. The type of stay that I experienced at Sonmarg, around 90km away from srinagar, kashmir was just too amazing to be described in words. No wonder, our Bajrangi Bhaijan star cast team chose this place to glorify their stay while the movie shoot at Kashmir.

Standing amidst the huge ice clad mountains, where greenery plays hide and seek with snow, where sun shines a little hesitantly and lakes flow with unknown energetic level, Ahsan Mount Resort, is the best luxury stay to be found at Kashmir.

Entry Area.

A row of beautiful tents standing in the same line, equipped with all the eminities you need for a perfect stay. The comfort of that hot water bed with electronic heater, the huge LED screen, in tent refrigerator and coffee maker  with in your tent, the ambience created by the best furnishings and a fully equipped wash room along certainly makes it a luxury home away from home.

Luxurious Tents

Beautiful area in the resort

I really loved the bonfire out side the tents with comfortable seatings and one of the best views and sounds of river flowing just few feets away from you. 

Bonfire at night
Night view captured

Now what remains is the food! You just can’t prove a hotel stay a luxurious one when the food served is not up to the mark. The delicious food they offer with pure kashmiri taste is my favorite. Other cuisines like chinese, mughlai etc. are also delectable.

All these along with the most hospitable staff dressed all in kashmiri attires make your stay more comfortable and easy going. Summed up all, Ahsan Mount Resort ,according to me can be described as the best luxury stay experienced till date within  most beautiful surroundings and most amazing ambience!

Box 8 a perfect meal time! 

Box8 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

A healthy with a variety is always yummy to have! Box 8 is just the name what flicks in your mind when you think of pure Indian food presented in the most delicious, compatible way. 

Bringing in a healthier twist to our Indian flavours along with some juicy saucy touch to it, the box8 wraps and sandwiches are something to grab a bite of! The triple decker chicken sandwich is one of the example of thier scrumptious healthy treat. Three layered wheat bread sandwich along with s mixture of sauces, chicken and some veggies is just a perfect meal to grab.

The wraps are no lesser healthier and tastier.  Chicken mayo wrap and chef special panneer wrap are some of my favorite and exotic to have. The perfect Roti base and the delicious mixture if sauces with some veggies tossed is just so tempting, filling and healthy too.

I really liked the newly introduced concept of thier fusion meal boxes that contained everything from gravies too parathas , rice, salad and a deszert. The options offered in this is large too. I prefer the panneer makhani meal from those. 

The peshawari chicken box is something really tempting and exotic for the non vegetarians out there . Chicken pieces with masala and some plain rice is just lovely to try. 

Desserts are no more an exception when it comes for serving some delectable meals from box 8! Choco lava, gulab jamuns, moong dal halwa and muffins are some of them . But I prefered the chocolate brownies this time. Really liked thier soft heavily feel and the delicious chocolate taste. Thier signature bevarages of that being a lemon flavor and an ice tea is something worth trying too.

 These and those charming palettes and packing and on time delivery adds in to the glamour of this super delicious range of food offerings.

Apart from all these, the interview I recently read of the founder of box 8 chain really left me impressed and eager to try out more varieties from them what caught my attention most was this query and the answer to it.

When designing Box8’s menu, what did you want to keep in mind (in terms of taste, value for money, variety and so on). How do Box8’s dishes appeal to the Indian palate?

The focus lies in preparing food which is delicious, easy on the stomach and made from quality ingredients, allowing the consumers to order food frequently

Our mantra is: Serve what we love to eat.

We have a twofold intent, one is to offer our customers different experience through different categories and second is to be a one stop solution for a full course meal or for snacks:-

‘All in one’ offers a wholesome indian meal with a main curry and a side curry along with rice or paratha and a dessert to compliment. ‘Box’ offers fusion of different indian delicacies like dal, Paneer, rice along with Chatni, salad etc.

Wraps, sandwich and salads in many cases acts like evening or late night snack.